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What You Need to Know if You’re Going to Teach in South Korea – Characters

Congratulations! You just got that email saying you’ve got the job, and you’re wondering what’s next! Surely after all the hoops you’ve jumped through – the fingerprinting and background checks and spotty Skype interviews – it’s easy sailing from here on out, right? RIGHT?! Wrong! All that was the easy stuff. Driving from one police […]

Korea 101 – Yellow Dust

There was very little I had known about Korea before coming here. Sure, I had done a few google searches on the actual threat level of North Korea (which is low), and I had learned how to say annyeonghaseyo and kamsahabnida, but that was pretty much it. In hindsight, I was woefully unprepared for life […]


Wow. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have last updated my blog. Whoops. So much has happened over these past months. Seasons have come and gone. Old friends have left Korea, and new ones have arrived. My previous students have leveled up to the next grade, leaving me with a whole new herd of […]