Monthly Archives: January 2014

What Little Korean I’ve Learned

I’ve been in Korea for nine weeks now, so you’d think I’d have picked up a decent amount of Korean by now, right? Wrong. Living as a native English speaker in Korea (or more specifically Seoul) is too convenient. Just about everything is available with an English translation.  Street signs have English on them. Subway […]

Meet Sebastian

Everyone, say hello to Sebastian: my new kitten, and the first living thing in the world that I alone am solely responsible for. Heavy, huh? I’ve been in Korea for two months now, and have been considering adopting a cat for the better part of six weeks. Why, you ask? Honestly, it’s because I am […]

Two Month Update

Do one thing every day that scares you. –Eleanor Roosevelt I’ve never been a fan of things that scared me. I would do everything in my ability to avoid situations that made me uncomfortable. Public speaking would tie my stomach in knots and I would feel nauseated for days before having to give presentations. I […]