It’s true what they say about blondes having more fun. And nowhere is this more true than in South Korea. I am proud of my hair color. I have worked years, experimenting with various brands and shades of boxed dyes – eventually evolving to using hennas – to get the rich shade of auburn brown […]

Congratulations! You just got that email saying you’ve got the job, and you’re wondering what’s next! Surely after all the hoops you’ve jumped through – the fingerprinting and background checks and spotty Skype interviews – it’s easy sailing from here on out, right? RIGHT?! Wrong! All that was the easy stuff. Driving from one police […]

There was very little I had known about Korea before coming here. Sure, I had done a few google searches on the actual threat level of North Korea (which is low), and I had learned how to say annyeonghaseyo and kamsahabnida, but that was pretty much it. In hindsight, I was woefully unprepared for life […]

Wow. It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have last updated my blog. Whoops. So much has happened over these past months. Seasons have come and gone. Old friends have left Korea, and new ones have arrived. My previous students have leveled up to the next grade, leaving me with a whole new herd of […]

I love living in Korea, but as is true with any relationship, for everything you love, there is something you hate. I like to consider myself a patient person. It takes a lot for something to really get under my skin and burrow around before I really get annoyed. Well, after living in Korea for […]

Around eight months ago, when I learned that I would be teaching in an area named Bundang, the first thing I did was head to the interwebs to learn everything I could about the place that would become my home for the next twelve months, only to find veritably nothing save for a scant Wikipedia […]

I have never, in all my twenty-three years, experienced a springtime half as beautiful as I have here in Korea. The Pacific Northwest has a springtime, sure, but springtime in the PNW is cold and wet, and marked only by the sprouting of daffodils from beneath the hardened winter ground. In the PNW, spending any […]